We are OCP

Politics Done Differently

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Who are we?

We are the common First World comrade in 2023. We are the explicit product of our surroundings. Our day-to-day routine involves exorbitant consumption of mass propaganda and food preservatives. Everything we hear and see in the media is assumed true. We are excessive, gluttonous, righteous, crass, explicit, fearless, and truthful to the extent we are fed the truth.

We are OCP.

Why are we this way?

We’re crass because that's the American way. We’re explicit because that’s how we were taught to communicate. We’re here to garner a following so large we can tangibly impact what are almost certainly predetermined elections. But not for altruistic reasons or faux patriotism. And not because we think there should be a mass movement to affect change. It’s primarily just so we can take advantage of the system as is and ridicule it at the same time and for our own amusement. If we can make those who share our sentiment rich whilst doing it then all the better.

We’re crass and explicit almost by design, right? Ultimately we reflect what we were fed by the most visible arm of the Machine. Namely, mass media, news media, aka propaganda, and our elected officials which have their duplicitous hands in everything. We are Frankenstein's monster. Designed but not cultivated. Left to seek out our own answers while dealing with a reservoir of anger we struggle to control. So, we will play in this sandbox made for us and seek out riches and get lambos with our friends and comrades. We believe that the next mass movement, if there is one, will reside in this manufactured matrix that is our digitized world. It’s all about money anyhow. So we came for just enough of it, a slice of the pie, in spite of it all, to say fuck you and have fuck you’s to hand out in perpetuity for the rest of our time in this circus.

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